Saturday, February 28, 2009

Illness and Injury

Hola! This is going to be quick, as the internet is extra slow today and I´m a bit cranky.
Its been a very long week, one that I would not like to relive. Ever.
In a nutshell, three people in our group are out of comission for a few weeks. One split her head open on some stairs and had to get a minor surgery. One received a bad burn from a motorcycle and can´t walk. And the other has a severe sinus infection and migraines (sp?) and is in a lot of pain. If you´re still curious how these things happened when I got home, I´ll tell you the whole story...but on a later date.
We´ve come to the end of our time in Puerto Lopez. Its been a strange combination of really good and really bad here, though the community has been wonderful, it is an extremely poor, hot, and dirty town and it is very difficult to live here. We did in fact finish the kitchen we had been building and the town threw us a lunch yesterday. It was some of the most delicious food I´ve eaten here. We´ve developed good relationships with a lot of the townspeople, especially the children. Just yesterday I met a little girl named Maria who played soccer with us and followed me around speaking spanish too quickly for me to understand. We have a local hang out in town and have gotten to know the owners of a few good restaurants. In terms of food, John and I have been running to the fish market pretty often so that we can use the small barbecue pit we have outside our house. Its really fun to haggle with the guys in the fish and meat markets. Pedro, a local we´ve gotten close with, taught us how to cook the best tuna I´ve ever had in my life. Richard and I cooked a few meals for the group and I got to gutt an entire chicken that still had the neck and feet on it. So satisfying!
Tonight is our last night here and at about four tomorrow morning we head into Peru. I´m excited, but the bus ride is supposed to be about 15 hours with some uncomfortable bus changes inbetween. Anyway, I´ve got to head back to try to cram all of my belongings into my pack. Wish me luck!
Love love love and bugs


  1. When you see Peru, you will forget the 15 hours bus ride to get there - be safe and tell your friends to slow there steps a bit - much love, Julie the Godmother ;o)

  2. Tell the injured that we are thinking of them every minute! And as for the chicken gutting, I'm so proud that I'm near gushing. I love and miss you more than I can say ... and I may send all of you helmets to be worn at all times. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. From vegetarian to chicken killer. You'll be a Republican in no time.

  4. Is that what you mean by a gusher?

  5. Glad you're having such a great time... I reckon I should ask for a trip to South America for my 21st! :)

    p.s. do you have any photos yet?

  6. Blair, I'm trying this one more time to see if I can make a connection. My posts have not gone through although I've been keeping up with yours. What a trip, and you're not done yet!!! Stay safe and keep the chicken to yourself.