Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Footed boobies!

I´m back! This will just be a quick one but I´m attempting to upload a photo right now, so hopefully it will work.
Today we hired a boat and went fishing for about 7 hours. It was a wonderful day, we sailed around the islands off the coast of Puerto Lopez and fished out at sea. Though we only caught one fish, we spent the day laying out on the boat, chatting, and pushing each other in. The sea here is really beautiful, though a bit violent. And will you believe it, I didn´t get sunburned! Mom, aren´t you proud? When we got back to shore, my friend John marched around town with the fish above his head screaming ¨Vente Dollares! Just for you, un bonita pescado!¨ We gutted it when we got home and examined its insides- so amazing- and at the moment John has it on a spit and is grilling it for us for dinner.
The rest of the week and the weekend has been good. We worked most of the day Saturday and then went out about town Saturday night. This weekend is a big festival where people from all over come into town to crack eggs over each others heads and dump buckets of water on each other. Its a very strange festival and I am unhappy to say that I was attacked by three guys with eggs last night. A bunch of us headed back early to take showers only to find out that the water had run out, so John and I took baths in a big barrel of rain water outside our house.

Anyway, I miss you all! xoxoxox
Love and bugs


  1. Your blog makes me happy. That's all I can say ... =)

  2. From cockroaches to barrels of rain water???I LOVE it! This is exactly the type of beautiful, random trip you should be having. TOtally living vicariously through you right now! Especially since I"m now watching a student flip off the back of a desk right now. Best run.....xxxxx