Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello! I apologize, I know the last one was short but this one must be even shorter.
But quickly....
First of all, I´m alive!
Second of all, we´re in a hostal! I have a bed! and toilet paper!
Third of all, we´re about to camp for two weeks. No shower. No bathroom. No bed. :( Sad panda.
Ummmmm Oh, and we´re in Peru. I love Peru. The people are lovely and have great clothes. Lots of colors and full skirts, hand made felt hats, and interesting patterns. The women carry their belongings in big colorful cloths that they tie around their shoulders.... when I go back to school I plan on carrying my books in one. The food is delicious, mostly chicken and rice and some delicious pastries shaped like rockets that are filled with apples. At the moment we´re staying in a small city called Huaraz where both our leaders are from, though we´re about to head into the hills into a region called the Cordillera Blanca to do a five day trek and a nine day volunteer project. SO! I won´t have internet or phone access. I love you all and will call/write when I return to civilization.
I miss you!
Love and bugs,


  1. TWO WEEKS??!!! This is brutal. We sure do miss you, my lovely. Call me the minute you get back!

  2. The next two weeks will build character. You'll have so much character, it will overflow like an active volcano. People will look at you and say, "Wow. She's a character..." Have fun love.

  3. bring me back one of those cool bags :)


  4. Commmmmmmeeeee Baaaaacccccccccccccccckkkkk!!!