Monday, February 9, 2009

Never ever ever again

Never again will I attempt to climb a volcano, especially when that volcano is actually a glacier, with an incline of about 40 degrees, at 20 below, with severe altitude sickness, only a liter of water, and plastic boots that give you a new blister every three minutes.
I don´t even want to tell you the story so I won´t go through it, I will just say that I did not make it to the top of the volcano even though I climbed for six hours. I did sleep for twelve hours when I got home, though and feel as if I could sleep for about four more days.
Otherwise, I´m alive!
love love love


  1. It's always useful to have one thing you can say about life unequivocally. Never hike a volcano in 20 degrees, sick and in the dark. Thanks, I'll remember that. If you hadn't told me, I might have made that same mistake, yikes.

  2. Gosh, I was thinking about hiking the glacier/volcano outside Dallas this weekend. Maybe not.

    Great talking with you today, Betty. Try to go to Papallacta for a visit. Lovelovelove.

  3. Well,with your mom's help, I finally am making a connection. Have brought myself up to speed on your varied excursions. It reminds me of Europe all over again ie muggers, climbing the tallest ice/snow covered mountain resulting in a 5 day recovery period because I couldn't walk, etc. But your experience is definately in a much more exotic and colorful place. This is all such wonderful stuff. Keep those blogs a-comin' Love you

  4. Hahahahahahahah, awesome. I'm sorry to laugh, because that sounds really awful, but it is pretty funny. In any case, I can relate. I always feel like I could sleep for four days straight! :P

  5. You know what could have improved this whole situation??? You should have simply sat down and made some snow ice cream! Either that or snow maple candy - or whatever the hell they make in little house on the prairie. Keep that in mind next time. xoxox

  6. Oh my gosh. I feel your pain...even though I have never done that before. But I hate blisters! That must have been a very satisfying sleep :) (This is Lyndsey)