Thursday, January 29, 2009

Confessions of a post teenage runaway

Oh, hello!
I know what you´re thinking... I thought she was dead! But no. I am alive and well in Ecuador.
I don´t have any spectacular stories to give you yet but I will tell you that I am spending the day wandering around Quito with my trip leader, Jim. He´s pretty damn cool and I have a feeling that in just a few days I will be itching to get back to the internet cafe to fill you in.
So far I´ve eaten a stale roll with some cheese and it was one of the best things I´ve ever tasted.
One of the greatest things I´ve seen today was a man in a shop the size of a closet with a beautiful antique sewing maching making shoes. I waved and he looked puzzled. One of these days I want someone to wave back. There´s also an incredible cathedral we walked by that is one of the most ornate things I´ve ever seen.
Two things I wish I had done before the trip are... cut my packing in half and learned Spanish. Yes, dad, you were right. But, private lessons start on Monday so I will be on my way to fluent in no time.
Anyway, more later.
love and bugs,

PS. Like the title, david?
PPS A little elf snuck into my bag before I left and hid notes for me. Thanks Erin, that was amazing.


  1. Huzzah, she's there! The adventure begins in earnest. Or no, in Quito. Consider me your avid follower, J

  2. Sounds like an awesome way to start yer trip, Bones! I wish I knew how to make shoes and how to speak Spanish. I frequently over pack.

  3. Blair, its Paul. Im so excited for you. Some of my best childhood memories stem from my time in Quito. May you have the trip of a lifetime.

  4. Have I toooooold ..... you latelllllyyyy .........................................................
    That I love you .......................???

  5. Blago was impeached. See others say I love you, I say "Here's a current event."

  6. I think about where you are...and where I am, and wonder why there is not bridge. Or at least a window. Something I could lean out of and yell good morning to you as you wander off to your regularly scheduled adventure.

  7. Ah, to be in S.A. instead of this boardroom, hammering out a new history curriculum.

    The highlight of my days till you return will be following the adventures of Betty Teaspoon! Ti voglio bene!

  8. I looove your drawing and the picture of you crushed under the weight of your bag. I can relate all too well.
    Write more about the food, please, as I imagine you are eating all manner of stuff and not just stale rolls. Right???
    Lots of love from Boston "Black Ice" Massachusetts

  9. Of course I was right. Dad.

  10. The man was as big as a closet, or the shop was as big as a closet?...little amgibuous Blair. No, it sounds like a great time.

    (This is Lyndsey)