Sunday, July 19, 2009

The adventures after the adventure

So a few people have been asking why I haven't been updating my blog. At first my response was something like, Why would I update my blog when I'm not in a far away land adventuring and doing amazing things? But after thinking for a bit I realized that although I'm not climbing machu picchu, or speeding across the salt flats of Bolivia, or white water rafting in the jungles of Ecuador... (why am I in Texas again?)... I am doing more normal, day to day life kind of things that are just as life changing. Though in a very very very subtle way.

The transition from South America to good old Dallas, Texas was a rough one, though over the last month or two I have found things to do that amuse and entertain me (see above). I worked at the pub for about a month and gathered a little bit of money together. Long hours. Strange nights.
I took a two week trip, traveling from Pride's Crossing, to Martha's Vineyard, and finally to Branson, Missouri. It was incredible. Family is the one thing I wish I could carry with me on my travels.
I've been going through and editing my old blogs, adding pictures and elaborating the stories a bit.
And after returning from my trip I packed up and promptly moved to Austin. I've been here for a little over twenty four hours, and feel as if I'm still vacationing.
But tomorrow starts the job hunt.
And lastly, last week I got one of the best compliments anyone has ever given me. It was a postcard from a friend that said I was a "sneaky custodian of surprise and joy".
That's all for now.
Its not much. But its still an adventure.
Love and bugs


  1. Sneaky is as sneaky does, Betty. I would say perhaps surreptitious purveyor. And that doll minotaur is a little disturbing. I think it needs a sneaky custodian.

  2. You're back!!! I love it - and I never want to see that picture of the baby doll scorpion again.